Best Towing Services in Richmond

Here, at Richmond Towing Service we provide the most affordable and comprehensive towing services currently available in Richmond, VA area and quite possibly all of the state of Virginia.

In anything we do, we prefer to stand out which is no different with our towing services! Our tow truck and crew are always on point and are constantly improving the way they conduct business.

The customer service assistant will never mislead you and direct in the right direction.

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    Getting your car un-stuck and towed away.

    In bad weather, tow trucks are awesome for being able to get vehicles un-stuck from ditches and snow banks. It reminds me of a story of someone I knew who had a 4WD truck. This one evening, the snow was pouring down like crazy and the roads were covered with ice and snow. This person insisted that they drive home in the snow “because they had a truck with 4WD.” About 30 minutes after this person left my house to head home, they called me to tell me that they had ended up in a pretty deep ditch and could not get out.

    They asked me for my help in recommending a good towing service that would be able to help pull them out. Aside from the embarrassment of the situation, the person was otherwise fine, but the towing service came out within a few minutes and had them back on the road in no time at all. Needless to say, this person does NOT drive in snow anymore, regardless of the fact that their truck can operate in 4WD or not. With their heavy duty chains and strong mechanical arms, tow trucks can pull nearly any vehicle in size out of their predicament… even 4WD trucks.
    But tow truck services are not just called upon when things go wrong. Sometimes, their services are fantastic for things like a big move, whether it be across the city or even across the country. Saving the wear and tear on your vehicle is important, and if you are conscious of your vehicle’s maintenance or want to keep the mileage low, you might not feel so great about driving your car to where you are moving, especially if it is cross-country! In this case, hiring a towing service may be a costly alternative to driving it, but if you have the money and valid concerns about driving a vehicle that, for example, may only be for “car shows,” it might be money that is well spent in your mind!