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    Our roadside assistance is a phone call away.

    Picture this: You are headed on a long trip and have never traveled this particular route before. The road is desolate and you haven’t seen a soul since you took your last turn off the major highway, 50 miles behind you. You haven’t seen a gas station for quite awhile and your car is getting low on gas. You keep driving and eventually run out of gas. What do you do? Some might consider freaking out first. Yes, well, you are not alone. But the chances are, if you are freaking out, you are probably not a member of a Roadside Assistance Program. Every day, in cases exactly like this, people who are members of Roadside Assistance programs have no worries about the situation, but make calls for help. Some are as simple as making the call and the company can locate you based on your GPS location on your car or phone or as simply as putting a request in using Smartphone apps.
    In a situation as outlined above, a call would come in and the company would typically send the request to a local home office that was relatively close to the person in need. If there is no home office nearby, they will farm the work out to a closely related business with the ability to get to the client. Then, in a short time, someone would come to the rescue with a gas can with enough fuel to get that person to the nearest gas station. In many cases, that person will be the “face” of the Roadside Assistance service, and they will be asked for directions and so forth, and thanked many times over.
    Roadside Assistance programs can be for things as simple as needing the help of a tire change or gas, to other services like towing or car troubles. As a driver, when is the last time you needed to change a tire? Many of us have encountered this issue at least once in our lives. But believe it or not, 60% of Americans do not know HOW to change a tire by themselves, nor have they ever changed one. Moreover, and perhaps every parent’s worst nightmare, 2/3 of teen drivers don’t know how to change a tire. Not much feels worse than thinking your child could be stuck on a stretch of road, alone, without you knowing about it, with their safety at risk. With such high statistics, it’s no wonder that Roadside Assistance services are on the rise.
    Sometimes these services are great for those moments when you find yourself a little bit on the “forgetful” side. Have you ever locked your keys in your car, or known someone who has? We’ve all witnessed it. You see someone trying to get into their car using weird objects like tree branches, coat hangers and even paperclips to try to pop the lock open. It’s embarrassing, can be very expensive if you break something (in not knowing what you are doing) and can take a long time to get your car open. If you had a membership to a Roadside Assistance service, you would simply make a call and they would send out a locksmith in their network, at no cost to you, to come out with the proper tools and get you back into your car.
    Roadside Assistance services do not come cheap. They are meant to be thought of like an insurance. Sure, no one wants to get into an accident. But we have car insurance for the day that you find yourself in one. With Roadside Assistance services, you are protecting yourself for the day that you find yourself a bit forgetful, for the day you find yourself stranded on the side of a road, or even the day you find yourself feeling “a little flat.” It’s all about peace of mind and with so many stresses on the road each day, with an insurance like this, you will have one less to worry about.